About Us

Mr Lamps is a Lighting Wholesaler and Electrical Maintenance Company based in Western Sydney providing information on Lamp Wholesaling and the many ways to save Energy in Commercial Buildings. We are celebrating our 15th year in the Replacement lamp Industry with over 30 years experience in the Electrical Industry.

We have developed from a small family business to moving to commercial premises in the Blacktown Area. Over this time we have worked on installations all over Sydney in Retail, Club and Regional and Sub-regional shopping centres and Universities. Providing them with Lighting replacements and solving installation issues during the life of installations. Which saves money, time and energy?

Our customers seek high quality product at completive prices with the knowing they can trust us to provide this at their workplace. We have specialized in this area and our staffs are fully trained to provide only the best service possible.

ABN: 71 078 049 260
LIC: 82862C

We have all the relevant insurances which your company will need to use Mr Lamps Services.

Please consider getting us to quote on your project as you may be surprised with prices and service we can provide. If you would like a representative to come out to your workplace please feel free to give me a call.

It would be a pleasure doing business with your company.

Victoria Faull.